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Modules and Systems
Optical Components
Mechanical Components

Apart from assembly and integration, we do not maintain manufacturing capacity in favour of a very lean structure. Instead we rely on a network of quality partners. Thus we are free to choose optimal technologies for your product or system.

However, we can offer mechanical components at very competitive rates.

Modules and Systems

We manufacture all sub-modules or sub-systems which we developed for you.

Optical Components

If you are looking for specialty or custom optical components or coatings, consider contacting us. While Avasha does not manufacture any optical components in house, you may still profit from our market experience in terms of quality and price.

Mechanical Components

Do you need precision mechanical components ranging from sub-millimeter structures to several decimeters in size? Then we are looking forward to your inquiry. You will get Swiss quality at attractive pricing. Choose from a wide range of finishes. Express service is possible.

  • CNC 5 Axes Machining Center
    Translation 410 mm x 610 mm x 500 mm
    Rotation 360° and -120° to +30°
  • CNC Horizontal Lathe
    Swing 680 mm
    Turning Length 660 mm
    Turning Diameter 340 mm
    Bar Feed Diameter 75 mm

image Avasha_GmbH_Mechanical_Components_Example_1.png
Example Part 1

image Avasha_GmbH_Mechanical_Components_Example_2.png
Example Part 2

image Avasha_GmbH_Mechanical_Components_Example_3.png
Example Part 3

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